New Nature Guide for Greenland

Nature Guide Greenland has just been released in an English version aimed at an international audience. 

Nature Guide Greenland tells vividly and enthusiastically about Greenland’s nature with beautiful photos and in-depth information. On 384 richly illustrated pages, the book comes all the way around Greenland’s nature, geology, climate and not least the unique animal and plant life so far north.

The book contains inspiring travel tips and is an encyclopedia for more than 550 species of animals, plants, fungi and more. In addition, a completely new geological overview of rocks and minerals. The book was originally published in Danish in 2022. 

Hiking in Greenland

The book contains many suggestions for hiking. In fact, more than 70 hiking trails are described, making the guide one of the most comprehensive hiking guides for Greenland.

Each hiking trail is described in the book’s Part 2, which contains travel descriptions for the different regions in Greenland. The trails are shown on maps for each region, summing up to a total of 18 maps.

The book contains descriptions of both easy and more challenging hikes – from Jameson Land in Northeast Greenland, Paradise Valley in South Greenland to the Icefjord in Ilulissat and the iconic Arctic Circle Trail.

If you are a passionate hiker who loves Greenland’s wilderness and the beautiful Arctic nature, then Nature Guide Greenland is absolutely indispensable.

You can learn more about the book and order it here.