I regularly give talks and lectures on nature,
biodiversity, outdoor life, and hiking

Nature conservation

The loss of biodiversity is just as serious as the climate crisis, but receives far less attention both in Denmark and globally. Species and ecosystems are disappearing from the planet at an increasing rate. What are we doing to slow the loss of biodiversity? And why is it so important?


In this talk, I discuss the challenge of the biodiversity crisis and how to raise public awareness of the problem.

Greenland's nature and climate

There is hardly any place on earth where the forces of nature and adaptation to a harsh climate are more contrasting and diverse than in Greenland. But nature and biodiversity are rapidly changing in line with global climate change. How is Greenland’s nature and climate doing? What changes is the country facing?


I have lived in Greenland and travelled all over the country. In 2022, I published Nature Guide Greenland. Experience my stories about Greenland in pictures and words.


The Greenlandic wilderness, the Pyrenees or the Dolomites, Swedish forests or Danish country roads? Where do you find the best hikes and adventures in the most beautiful nature?


I give talks about hiking and outdoor life and share experiences and travel tips. Illustrated with stunning photos from some of Europe’s most iconic and challenging trails.

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My talks and presentations are always customised to the specific event and audience.