Nature Guide Greenland

Nature Guide Greenland tells vividly and enthusiastically about Greenland’s nature with beautiful photos and in-depth information.

On 384 richly illustrated pages, the book comes all the way around Greenland’s nature, geology, climate and not least the unique animal and plant life so far north. The book contains inspiring travel tips and is an encyclopedia for more than 550 species of animals, plants, fungi and more.

The book is also available in Danish.

Release date: December, 2023
Format: 21 x 15 x 2,4 cm
Pages: 384
Weight: 740 g
Photos: 540
Maps: 18
Publisher: Nature & Environment Publishers
Language: English
ISBN 978-87-999180-1-0

Price: 300.00 kr.

Greenlandic Seasons

The photo book, Greenlandic Seasons, takes the reader on an exciting journey to Greenland’s dramatic, yet beautiful Arctic nature.

Format: Coffeetable, sewn softcover with flaps
Pages: 192
Photos: 144
Size: 26,5 cm x 22,8 cm
Weight: 1,000 g
Publisher: Nature & Environment Publishers
Year: 2016
Languages: English, Danish, and Greenlandic
ISBN: 978-87-999180-0-3

Price: Original price was: 300.00 kr..Current price is: 200.00 kr..

Special Offer Combined

Order the books Nature Guide Greenland and Greenlandic Seasons bundled together at a special reduced price and without additional shipping costs.

Price: Original price was: 600.00 kr..Current price is: 400.00 kr..