Welcome to Explore Nature With Bo

I have created this website to share my passion for nature through my work as a writer, photographer and adventurer. I hope the website will inspire you to get out and experience nature – either alone or with others.

I have always loved and been inspired by nature. I have a PhD from the now Department of Environmental Science at Aarhus University and have worked with nature and the environment for most of my working life, including at Green Transition Denmark, the Worldwatch Institute, WWF Denmark, and the Danish Biodiversity Council.

Privately, I have always been drawn to travelling to unknown destinations and have had many great travel and nature experiences around the world, including Greenland, Sweden, France, USA, Peru, India, South Africa, Scotland, Switzerland… yes, the list is long.

I often go hiking with my girlfriend Kia and also like to take my two boys with me, but I also enjoy travelling alone, whether it’s a weekend trip or a longer hike in the desolate wilderness.

Having lived in Greenland for over 2 years, the Arctic nature has a special place in my heart, which has resulted in two books about Greenland so far: a photo book and a nature guide.

This website is created as a blog where I post about my travels, hikes and other outdoor experiences. In this way, I want to share my knowledge of nature and outdoor life and hopefully help more people get excited about experiencing nature and that we all become better at taking care of it.

On the website you can find hiking guides, travel and packing tips, tales of travelling and facts about everything nature has to offer. I hope you will enjoy exploring nature with me! 😉 

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