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About Greenland

I regularly give talks and hold workshops about Greenland. I have lived in Greenland on several occasions and have traveled all around the country.

Quite relevant, my book Nature Guide Greenland has just been released – 384 pages packed with beautiful photos and in-depth information about Greenland’s nature. The guide also includes suggestions for about 70 hiking trails.

In my presentations, I talk about Greenland’s beautiful nature, the impact of climate change, my own experiences in the country, and the extensive work of collecting knowledge about Greenland’s nature. All illustrated with some of my best photos.

About hiking

I also give talks about hiking in Greenland. What is it like to head out into the vast Arctic wilderness? How do you best prepare yourself and where do you find the most beautiful hiking trails?

Find the answers to these questions in one of my talks, which are based on my own experiences on countless hikes around the country. Enjoy accounts from Jameson Land in Northeast Greenland, Paradise Valley in South Greenland, the Icefjord in Ilulissat, or the iconic Arctic Circle Trail.

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Speaking at the Icefjord Centre in Ilulissat. - Photo: Janne Breinholt Bak
Jameson Land with view to Liverpool Land - Photo: Bo Normander
From my hike in Jameson Land, where I pitched my tent close to the river Gåseelven. In the background are the high, always snow-capped mountains of Liverpool Land.
Mythical land, as taken out of the Lord of the Rings. From the Arctic Circle Trail. Photo: Bo Normander