Ilulissat Icefiord – The Yellow Trail

It doesn’t get much bigger than taking one of the marked hiking trails along Ilulissat Icefjord. With its floating landscape of giant icebergs of all shapes and sizes, the icefjord is one of the world’s most spectacular natural areas. The fjord is designated by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site with a nature of “outstanding […]

Europe’s Smallest National Park – Dalby Söderskog

One of South Sweden’s most natural and adventurous forests looks particularly beautiful in spring when yellow and white anemones are in bloom and the deciduous trees are about to burst into leaf. Today my two boys and I visited Europe’s smallest national park. Dalby Söderskog National Park is an overlooked little nature gem in Skåne, […]


New website: Explore Nature With Bo Welcome to my brand new website at explorenaturewithbo.com. 🙌  Here I will share my passion for nature through my work as a writer, photographer and adventurer. I hope you will be inspired by the site and use it to get out and experience nature yourself. The website is created […]

Book a Presentation about Greenland

About Greenland I regularly give talks and hold workshops about Greenland. I have lived in Greenland on several occasions and have traveled all around the country. Quite relevant, my book Nature Guide Greenland has just been released – 384 pages packed with beautiful photos and in-depth information about Greenland’s nature. The guide also includes suggestions […]

Online Guide about Greenland’s Flora

In collaboration with Visit Greenland, I have published a new, comprehensive online guide to the flora of Greenland Greenland may not be known for its green areas, despite its name, but parts of the landscape contains plenty of interesting and beautiful trees, shrubs and flowers. The landscape is dominated by Arctic tundra, which lies desolate […]

New Nature Guide for Greenland

Nature Guide Greenland has just been released in an English version aimed at an international audience.  Nature Guide Greenland tells vividly and enthusiastically about Greenland’s nature with beautiful photos and in-depth information. On 384 richly illustrated pages, the book comes all the way around Greenland’s nature, geology, climate and not least the unique animal and […]

Adventurous Hike in the Qinngua Valley

Udsigt over Tasersuaq Sø fra det fjeld jeg forgæves forsøgte at komme over på Dag 2.

Enjoying the Arctic nature and the pristine wilderness of Greenland is a dream come true for any hiker. But it can also be extremely tough and sometimes risky. This is certainly the case when the hike at Nanortalik in South Greenland takes you over difficult boulders and steep mountainsides, through bottomless swamps and across rushing […]

Hiking the GR10 Trail in the French Pyrenees

In August 2018, we went on an indescribably beautiful hike in the French Pyrenees. We followed part of the popular GR10 trail, starting in Cauterets and ending in Bagnères-de-Luchon. The entire GR10 trail is 950 km long and runs just north of the Spanish-French border from the Atlantic coast to the Mediterranean coast. As we […]

Getting Our Gear Right for the GR10 Trail

Located just north of the French-Spanish border and traversing the French Pyrénées, the popular GR10 hiking trail stretches 950 km from the Atlantic coast to the Mediterranean coast. As we didn’t have time to do the whole trek, we decided to walk a section that we expected to be exceptionally spectacular and mountainous. It goes […]

Musk Oxen and Sandstone Mountains in Jameson Land

Jameson Land - Photo: Bo Normander

A hike in the northeastern Greenlandic wilderness in Jameson Land offers incredible mountain landscapes and intimate experiences with the large musk oxen that dig into the local vegetation. Jameson Land is pristine Arctic wilderness, and as a hiker you must take precautions. After my stay in Ittoqqortoormiit, I had planned a 3-day hike alone in […]